Roasted Ott Vacation: Please be aware that Roasted Ott will be closed for processing from June 30 through July 15. Any orders received by Tuesday, June 25 will be roasted and shipped prior to July 1. Any order received after June 25 will be processed if time permits and shipped by July 1. If orders are received after June 25 can not be included in the roasting this week, they will be fulfilled upon my return with the roasting schedule the week of July 15. Thank you for your understanding an patience.

Collection: Water processed Decaf

I choose the best tasting water processed decafs I can locate and roast to preserve the quality and flavor profiles of the origin selected.  

Royal Coffee Importers produces decaf through a water process called Royal Select Water Decaf in which coffees are chosen based on their flavor characteristics and quality.  The green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction.  The beans are then introduced to a solution concentrated with coffee solubles that extract the caffeine without extracting the coffees particular flavor.

No chemicals used in the decaffeination process.

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